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The Story series of games has truly taken over the world by storm, and Restaurant Story PC is one of them. As a business management type of game similar to Cooking Fever, it is easily brushed off into the casual game category. But make no mistake, once you start to get going, there is nothing casual about this.



Once again, Storm8 Studios has delivered a great game that will easily get you hooked and eat up hours upon hours of your time. So you had better get ready to lose, not just some, but a whole lot of your free time – and possibly your productive time as well. But there is a good reason for that because the Restaurant Story game will give you a whole lot of great gameplay in a very simple package.

Cooking is Life in Restaurant Story PC

Although the overall goal of the game is to build the grandest restaurant empire, the path to the goal is a lot more free-form. One of the greatest features of the free game is that you can play it in a sandbox mode where you get to make the decisions on how you will run the restaurant.

Of course, regardless of how you plan and strategize your restaurant, in the end, it is all about cooking and keeping your customers happy with your cuisines. But again, the decision on what to serve is all up to you. And in this desktop PC game, there are dozens of different recipes that you can serve up. From salads to European classics, pastries, and everything in between. There is a whole lot that you can discover and cook up.

Cute But Challenging

At first glance, Restaurant Story desktop is targeted at a younger audience. But once you get deeper into the game you will soon realize that the gameplay can get very complex and challenging. Especially once you have grown your restaurant to its maximum size.

Surely, there is a lot of gameplay features that even adults will enjoy. One of which is the ability to let the game run even if you are not actively playing. So, instead of having to constantly watch the screen, you can leave the game and let it be to do other things.

Also, the challenge here is if you have planned a restaurant layout that is efficient and prepared your food beforehand to optimize the cash flow while you are away. So, as you can see, it takes a lot more brainpower than you would initially assume. Because at first, it may seem like all you do is click this and click that, but that is only at the surface level of the game. There is a whole lot more going on.

Do More With Restaurant Story Game

Another great thing about the free game is that there are tons of decorations to choose from. Yes, that is right!. On top of all the cuisines and delectable goodies you can serve up, there are also so many decorations to choose from. You can make your restaurant into a classy cafe, a rocking dinner, or even a pirate galley. The choice is completely up to you and your imagination.

Of course, you still need to take into account a bit of strategy and planning on how to build it to create an efficient money collecting business. But other than that, the sky is the limit with all the decorations to choose from. From unique table and chair designs to pinball machines, and jukeboxes, there are so many things you can do with your restaurant to make it a place that is worth going to and spending. Because after all, that is the point of a business management game. To get the cash rolling in from the loyal patrons and new customers coming in.

So what are you waiting for? Get your download and play Restaurant Story desktop now to get started building your very own food empire! You can get the game right here for free on PC and Mac.

Game Features

  • Great gameplay

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Restaurant Story Screenshot
Restaurant Story Screenshot

Play Restaurant Story on PC & Mac FREE now!