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Restaurant Story Tips in Giving & Receiving Gifts

Restaurant Story is a fun game to play with friends and family because of its community feature. You may be the sole Master Chef in your restaurant, but you also need to socialize. You can either socialize with other restaurants and neighbors as you play along with the game. Visiting and connecting with neighbors also earns you stars which can put you on top of the community list.

Being on top means you have lots of friends and neighbors and your restaurant is awesome to visit. Download Restaurant Story now to know what it takes to be a Master Chef and manager of your restaurant.


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Tipping is the Key in Restaurant Story

Just like any other restaurant, you need to leave a tip. Here, if you want to add or keep those neighbors, leave a tip once you visit their restaurant. There are instances where neighbors delete people because they are not giving any tip at all.

Tipping is very easy to do by simply clicking on the tip icon and clicking on the tables of your neighbor’s restaurant. Moreover, these tips leave in-game coins on their tables. In a day, you can tip 3 or 6 coins for a neighbor.

Additionally, you can receive tips in your restaurant when they visit your place. Just don’t forget to click on the coins you see on the tables as these will disappear in no time. For every tip you get, you earn 20 coins more! You will also find out who’s been giving you tips online by checking on the news feeds. Then, the star rating will show how much and how frequent you tip your neighbors. You can see your ratings when you visit another person’s restaurant.

Give & Receive Gifts from Neighbors

Giving gifts feels good. Receiving one feels ever more awesome! But be reminded that giving and receiving gifts in the game will only be within your circle. When you do receive one, you have an option to accept it or not. In the game, you can only receive a maximum of 20 gifts each day.

Meanwhile, giving gifts doesn’t cost you anything so you can give a gift to your neighbors every day! A tip here would be to give some stew because this is one of the top orders at the restaurants. This also gives them lots of earnings. Be good to your neighbors and they will do the same.

Download Restaurant Story on your PC now and play it for free!