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Restaurant Story Designing Tips & Tricks for Players

Being a Master Chef has lots of responsibilities, especially if you own the restaurant. In this game, aside from cooking, you need to make your restaurant enticing and beautiful so that customers will come back for more! To have a great business, great food comes with an awesome place to dine. Restaurant Story, a free game on PC, makes all of this possible for you. So be sure to download the game today and have the best restaurant in town!


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Here are the things you can use to design and renovate your very own restaurant. These items are very crucial that’s why make sure to take note of them. Doing so will help you make your restaurant so a lot better.

Tables & Chairs

Tables and chairs are essential to every restaurant. The colors, texture, and its composition matter a lot if you are talking about aesthetics. Meanwhile, in the game, you need to focus first on getting the cheapest ones. This allows you to have more tables and chairs for more guests to use. Take note, the heart level of the customers decreases if they are not able to find a place to sit. As you progress into the game and have enough coins, choose better looking tables and chairs to suit your theme.

Ovens, Stoves, & Grills

Each restaurant is equipped with an oven for cooking. Meanwhile, in this game, more ovens are unlocked every time you succeed or complete a level. So take that chance to get a better oven for your kitchen to be efficient in cooking. This also goes the same for stoves and grills which have particular functions in certain recipes.

Counters & Storage Units

After cooking, you need to put your food there so customers can choose and purchase. The game has lots of counter designs to choose from and all of these come with a price. If you have a lot of the same food, you can place them in the same storage unit.

Chests & Expansions

Chests are known to have special items and come in different themes. You can purchase chests with gems. Expansions, on the other hand, are possible so that your restaurant can accommodate more customers. You can use coins or gems to expand.

Wall Decorations in Restaurant Story

One of the first things that customers notice in a restaurant is the wall. So putting some nice wallpaper and some items will help suit your theme. These wall decorations are not a priority at the start of the game so make sure you use your gems wisely.

Floor Decorations

You can get decorations on your floor after you complete your goals in the game. It may not be the most important item, however, it can help in making your restaurant worth visiting.

Ready to experience the world of Restaurant Story? Download the game on your PC and Play it for free.